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Atlético Madrid Vs Barcelona 1-2 — Goals & Stats

Atlético Madrid Vs Barcelona

On the field of the Atletico (1-2), Barça did not mastered everything Sunday but managed to glean the points put in play. Messi signed the goal of the win 5 minutes from the ...

24th day of the Liga
Goals: Godin (70th); Rafinha (64th), Messi (86th)

The result is rather flattering, Luis Enrique knows. This victory is worth gold because his Barça is still convalescent and has not yet found his football. Certainly the three points acquired remain the essential at the end of this duel but a real problem arises on the capacity of Luis Enrique to make the best of its workforce in the last 3 months of the season. The Catalans once again delivered a mixed performance in a big poster against enterprising Colchoneros and they only missed a few minutes to hold the draw. Even if before that, the Catalans have created three clear chances in the first half on shots of Messi (29th), Luis Suarez (34th) and then a head of Piqué (43rd) caught inextremis on the goal line by Oblak , It was precisely to wait for the 29th minute to see Barcelona touch the first time the ball in the opponent's surface. This team simply did not have enough ideas to develop the game and face Atletico's dominance throughout the first half hour.

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So it was only the lucidity and the correctness in the last meters so that the men of Simeone open the score in these first minutes. The Atletico was ruthless in front and took advantage of the slightest blaugrana error in the middle to carry the threat to the goals of Ter Stegen. Godin shot first, just three yards out of the goal (4th), and Gabi later sought the Catalan goalkeeper by a nice volley (16th) before Griezmann was in his turn dangerous. The French striker saw his low-key strike divert to a corner by Umtiti (16th), before his powerful shot in the dormer was diverted from a beautiful tap of Ter Stegen (26th). The colchoneros clearly led to points at the end of this first act before a team too feverish behind.

Barça was able to rebalance the debates in the second half by successfully imposing its passing game more regularly before an Atletico more focused on defensive tasks. And it ended up paying despite the increased and laudable aggressiveness of the opponents. After an alert by Luis Suarez (49th), Barça opened the scoring thanks to the opportunism of Rafinha in the surface which took advantage of two counter-matches to deceive Oblak (64th, 0-1). Afterwards, fatigue also prevailed over the players, and Diego Simeone's men were no longer able to build up attacks or take the upper hand in the duels, where aggressiveness reigned. They opted for deep balloons or stopped kicks. That's how they returned to score through Godin, on a free-kick (70th) after a good head on a Koke center. This equalization should have given the hosts more momentum, but this was their last opportunity of the meeting. If we add to this a Griezmann cross hit by Ter Stegen at the beginning of the second act (52nd), these are the only two chances of the Atletico after the break.
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