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Fc Porto Vs Juventus 0-2 — Goals & Stats

Fc Porto Vs Juventus

Juventus made a big step towards the quarter-finals of the Champions League by winning logically in Porto (0-2), eleven against ten.

Champions League - Round of 16

Porto - Juventus: 0-2

Goals: Pjaca (72), D. Alves (74th)

Despite his public and his virtues in the fight, FC Porto measured the gap that separated him from a heavyweight like Juventus on Wednesday in the knockout round of the Champions League. The Lusitanian club recorded a dry lap that sealed virtually its future in the competition queen. A defeat that calls for regrets, too, since the locals spent more than an hour to ten against eleven, before cracking in the last half hour.

A KO in two stages

What would have been the ending in this first round without the silly expulsion of the young Alex Telles? By receiving two yellow cards in 4 minutes, the defender plunged the chances of his team. Juve obviously supported after this game, but it took time to find the flaw. Cuadrado of a clear strike (30th), and Higuain (39th) missed the coach in the first period.

The second act quickly announced the color with a goal refused for Dybala, on the edge of the offside. More enterprising, more fluid, the Old Lady gradually intensified her domination to push her opponent to fault. And despite a dense block, Porto finally cracked. After a poor raise from Layun, Pjaca unleashed the situation for the Italian champion, a perfect recovery (0-1, 72e). Daniel Alves, who had just entered the game, then offered himself the luxury of doubling the putting on a cross shot (0-2, 74th). The KO was done. Khedira could have given Turin a bit more margin, but his attempt was close to the amount of Casillas (87th). 0-2, final score. Juve has a quarterback.
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