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Roma Vs Villarreal 0-1 — Goals & Stats

Roma Vs Villarreal

AS Roma suffered a setback this Thursday in the last round of the Europa League league against Villarreal. The Wolf had already done the work on the way.

1 / 16th final of the Europa League

AS Roma-Villarreal: 0-1

Goal: Borre (16th)

After five wins in a row, AS Roma lost to Villarreal in the Europa League on Thursday. But this faux-pas will be easy to digest since it does not prevent the Giallorossi to progress in this competition. Luciano Spalletti's men gave up on the shortest of the margins after winning by a quarter-goal difference in the first leg. The Transalpine team was also able to run in anticipation of the shock of the weekend against Inter in Serie A.

Alisson scored points

By scoring in the quarter of an hour of the game, the Yellow Submarine could have believed to a remontrada. The Colombian Santos Borré ideally launched his own by exploiting a big mistake Thomas Vermaelen before shooting Alisson. The Brazilian goalkeeper has allowed the ball to visit his nets, but it is the only time of the match where he was beaten. Despite numerous Spanish attempts (11 penalty shoot-outs), he was subsequently unbridgeable.

On the active side of the international, there was a parry against Bruno (33rd) and another at the end of the game against Borre (88th). Without him, the She-wolf would certainly have had a more complicated end-game, especially since she had to finish ten to eleven. Hardly came into play, the German Antonio Rudiger collected two yellow cards. An excess of aggressiveness which costs him expensive since he deprives him of the eighth final go. His coach will certainly fail to draw his ears for these avoidable faults. Note that the Romans will know their opponent in the next round as of Friday after the draw.
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