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Arsenal Vs Lincoln City 5-0 — Stats

Arsenal Vs Lincoln City

Arsenal were hosting Lincoln City this Saturday in the FA Cup quarter-finals, after an early push, the Gunners accelerated.
After the defeat against Bayern Munich on Wednesday in the Champions League, the men of Arsène Wenger absolutely had to reassure themselves by disposing of their opponent of the day. Nevertheless, the first minutes are dull and the turnover done by the London coach does not seem to work. As of the 27th minute, Mesut Özil replaced Oxlade-Chamberlain out of injury.
Arsenal, Wenger: "I am strong and motivated"
It was not until the 45th minute of play to see Theo Walcott open the scoring after receiving the ball in the area (1-0). On the way back from the locker room, Giroud doubled the bet after a very good job by Bellerin on his right side (53 ', 2-0).
A manita that reassures
After a goal against his Waterfall camp (58th), it was Alexis Sanchez who scored the Gunners' fourth goal of a perfect inside of the foot (72nd, 4-0). It was finally Aaron Ramsey who came to close the mark after a pass from Alexis Sanchez, the midfielder of Arsenal had only to adjust the doorman of Lincoln City (75th, 5-0). Arsenal qualify for the semi-final FA Cup and reassures after its elimination in the Champions League.
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