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Barcelona Vs PSG 6-1 — Stats

Barcelona Vs PSG

Barcelona made Champions League history by turning into the main group to upset a first-leg 4-0 deficiency and thump out Paris St-Germain to achieve the quarter-finals for the tenth progressive season. 

A fantastic rebound from Barcelona brought down Paris Saint-Germain and sent the Catalans into the Champions League quarters with a 6-1 triumph at Camp Nou. 

PSG held tight until close to the principal half when another bit of individual Barcelona enchantment had the effect. That is the thing that makes them so extraordinary - snapshots of virtuoso from players like Andres Iniesta. The way he balanced his body to execute the back-heel flick that delivered that possess objective was splendid - the sort of thing that no one but he can do. 

PSG attempted some mind diversions at half time, leaving Barca attending to the Camp Nou turf for an augmented period before they turned out the passage amid the break. It didn't work. Another Iniesta minute was compensated with a punishment, Messi scored it, all of a sudden everybody trusted it was on. The energy just brought them through. 

How did that happen? PSG were apprehensive from the begin and shielded profound to attempt and do harm restriction instead of keep Barcelona under control. Enrique's 3-4-3 gave Barca width and Mascherano and Umtiti ventured into midfield, leaving Pique as a sweeper on occasion. They played a high protective line, controlling the ball and standing 10 yards inside the PSG half - the strategies were great. 

PSG players can't trust it, the stadium can't trust it, the supervisor and honing staff are moving on the pitch - HOW have they done that? How have they pulled that off? It's shocking!
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