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Leicester City Vs Sevilla 2-0 — Goals & Stats

Leicester City Vs Sevilla

Beaten on the way to the field of Sevilla FC (2-1), Leicester returned the situation by winning Tuesday at home (2-0). The Foxes will play the quarter-finals of the C1.

Champions League (8th-return)
Leicester-Sevilla 2-0
Goals: Morgan (27th), Albrighton (54th)

Fabulous ! For his first participation in the Champions League, Leicester will be in the quarterfinals. The Foxes, who have been knocked out in recent weeks by Claudio Ranieri's dismissal, have succeeded in bringing FC Sevilla, who have won the last-16 in Spain (2-1). A historic victory for the English club who won 2-0 on Tuesday at home.

Sagna: "The clean sheet is our goal"

Nasri was the first to win, but Schmeichel, impeccable in his goal, made a high-flying match. As for Morgan, he made it to the top of his team's first big opportunity, becoming the first Jamaican scorer in the history of the competition (1-0, 27th).

At King Power Stadium, FC Sevilla had a nightmare and it was Albrighton, with a beautiful shot down the left, which allowed Leicester to break (2-0, 54th). The Spaniards needed only one goal to offer an extension, but while Vitolo had got the penalty of hope, Schmeichel went out the attempt of N'Zonzi (79th).

The fourth consecutive penalty missed all competitions confused by Sevilla FC, who had already stumbled on Schmeichel a few moments earlier (73rd). The evening was so nightmarish for Seville that Nasri, for a gesture of mood on Vardy, then Sampaoli, the coach, ended up being expelled before the end (74th, 83rd).

Leicester could have even scored a third goal without Vardy's clumsiness, who presented himself twice before Rico at the end of the game. His first shot was pushed back by the Sevilla goalkeeper, the second shot wide. Already impressive in chicken, Leicester is offered a first quarter-final of Champions League. Sensational !



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