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Liverpool Vs Arsenal 3-1 — Stats

Liverpool Vs Arsenal

Liverpool prolonged Saturday his good series against the big arms of the Premier League dominating Arsenal (2-1). The Reds are doubling their opponents of the day in the standings.
27th day of Premier League
Liverpool-Arsenal: 3-1
Goals: Firmino (9th), S. Mané (40th); Welbeck (57th)
This time, it would be difficult not to overwhelm Arsene Wenger for this defeat, and especially not to criticize his choice of starting not to titularise Alexis Sanchez. Deprived at the start his best artificer for a shock of such scope, this casts real doubts on the intentions of coach of Arsenal in his will to ensure the 4th place qualification in the Champions League. While his team was led two goals to zero, the Chilean immediately brought weight and liveliness in attack and streamlined the offensive animation of his team. His decisive pass in depth for Wellbeck (57th) is a perfect illustration. His races, his inspirations and his calls bring much more movement than Iwobi and Giroud, completely ghostly on the lawn of Anfield. It would have taken perhaps a longer presence on the field of Sanchez that 45 minutes to hope to glean at least a small point on the side of Arsenal.
Sakho, the banned of an honest defense
For before his entry, the defense of Arsenal once again took the water against a team of Liverpool formidable offensively. A defense to the agony composed of his best elements Bellerin, Koscielny, Mustafi and Monreal who could not find the solution to face an adversary inspired and constantly dangerous. It must be said that the rear guard of the Gunners was never supported by its midfielders and the spaces between the players were too important for Liverpool does not take advantage. And yet the four goals conceded in the first leg at the Emirates Stadium should have titillated the pride of Olivier Giroud's teammates and give them some idea of ​​the opposing attacking power. This was not the case. Liverpool completely dominated the first period and gave a real turn to the visitors' heads.
Arsenal asphyxiated in the first act
Firmino first opened the scoring after a strong service from Sadio Mané to the near post (9th, 1-0). The Brazilian did not rush to the action and his control surprised the opposing defenders who were expecting a direct shot. The strike came afterwards and left no chance for Cech. Then Coutinho's shot was wrapped up, but the shot was blocked by the Arsenal goalkeeper (29th). Firmino returned the favor to Mané by shifting it ideally on the right side for the second goal of his team (40th, 2-0). The break was done, and it was only a matter of time for the Reds to further aggravate the score before half-time. Coutinho once again stumbled into the area on Cech (45 + 1) when he was two meters from the goal. It was a real opportunity to kill the match and avoid cold sweats in the second act.
Liverpool had to wait for the stoppage of play to put themselves definitively safe after the reduction of Arsenal score. Firmino (51 '), Matip (76') but mostly Origi (83 ') with a header on the post did not get a chance from Wijnaldum. The Dutch midfielder was at the conclusion in the surface of a clear counter launched by Lallana then relayed by Origi (90th +1, 3-1). It was an authoritarian victory even though the Arsenal team showed a much better face with Sanchez in his ranks with some threats coming from Mustafi (79th) and then Walcott (86th). And it is logical that Liverpool returns to Arsenal in the standings (52 pts against 50) and finds the fourth place synonymous with Champions League. Klopp and his men took 6 points out of 6 against the Reds in the direct confrontations and this is very expensive. Wenger does not plan on the following season, he probably thought of a remount Tuesday against Bayern in C1 if Arsene still believes. How can he explain if he has preserved the top scorer of the championship at the start?
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