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Sunderland Vs Manchester City 0-2 — Stats

Sunderland Vs Manchester City

Manchester City did not need to tap into its resources to beat the last of the Premier League, Sunderland. The Eastlands won 2-0 at the Stadium of Light.
27th day of Premier League
Sunderland-Manchester City: 0-2
Goals: Aguero (42nd), Sané (59th)
The misstep was banned for Manchester City this Sunday on the field of the ass bonnet of the Premier League, Sunderland. The guards of Pep Guardiola did the job, with an easy success even if there are only two goals scored. At nine days of the main event against Monaco in the Champions League, the Eastlands manage their efforts while extending the harvest of points. Separated by eight points from Chelsea, they may not have said their last word in the title race.
Leroy Sané, the precocious talent that shines under Guardiola
To attend a performance of a future champion, however, it was necessary to iron. At the Stadium of Light, Yaya Touré and her teammates played at their hand. During the first half-hour of the match, they did not have a clear opportunity. It was only in the 37th minute and a low center of Leroy Sané in the surface, that Silva failed to resume bit, that the Black Cats were disturbing. If they had believed in their chances, the men of David Moyes might have made the race in mind in this part. In the 20th minute, Jerome Defoe put Willy Caballero in a 20-meter shot.
Entries in the locker room with a blank score would have done task for a team of Top 4 and that is why Sergio Aguero came out of his box to give the advantage to his team. The Argentinian scored by defending his defender at the first post after a Raheem Sterling center. By opening the brand, City made it easier. Upon returning from the locker room, the visitors put pressure on their opponents and it was logical that they managed to double the setting to the hour of play. Leroy Sané beat Pickford of a cross shot following a luminous pass of David Silva. 2-0, the games were done and City could definitely think of his upcoming appointments, leaving Sunderland to his disappointments.
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