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Tottenham Hotspur Vs Millwall 6-0 — Stats

Tottenham Hotspur Vs Millwall

Tottenham have easily secured their place in the semi-finals of the English Cup. Opposed to the neighbors of Milwall, the men of Pochettino won 6 to 0.
¼ of England Cup final
Tottenham-Milwall: 6-0
Goals: Eriksen (31st), Son (41st, 54th, 92nd), Alli (72nd), Jansen (79th)
The semi-finals of the English Cup will look great this season. They will play four of the top six teams in the Premier League standings. Chelsea dolphin in the championship, Tottenham ensured his ticket by overcoming Milwall this Sunday. And he did so with amazing ease. Two goals in the first period, then four in the second, have even given the successes some airs of correction.
Tottenham loses Kane on injury
South Korean Son Heung Min was the big man of the game with a successful triple. In the absence of Harry Kane, wounded on injury in the 6th minute of play, the former player of Leverkusen has perfectly fulfilled his role. With this hat-trick, it confirms its status as top scorer of Tottenham in this competition. He also proves to Mauricio Pochettino that he deserves perhaps more than his status of substitute, he who had stayed on the bench in the last three matches.
Christian Eriksen, also a substitute for Harry Kane, made the game nervous. At half an hour of the game, he had opened the score of a shot in pivot and uncrossed. Dele Alli and Vincent Jansen also participated in the festival of their own, scoring each once at the end of the game. Victorious in the final 6-0, the Spurs sign their greatest success in this event since 1973. The London team is also invited in the last square of the Cup for the 20th time in its history.
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